Dancing Metal Logo

As an artist I enjoy the rigid nature of metal and I love the way that fire dances. With the help of fire, I can make the metal dance as well. My art is fueled by the materials that I use and the processes that mold and shape them. Bronze, iron, aluminum, and wood give my thoughts physical form. By smelting, casting, grinding, bending, and manipulating these industrial materials they allow me the honor of being their sculptor. With their help, I can lend my body and soul to every piece that we make together.  The inspiration for my work stems from a similar relationship between the natural world and its human inhabitants.

Being a lifelong Texan has given me a chance to observe and experience the way that the energy industry has affected and infected the landscape around me. The vast scope of industrial influence is in not limited to the ground that it penetrates. Industry effects communities and people the most. As the Anthropocene arrives and everlasting change takes hold on the home that all known life shares, my work will serve as a way for me to explore a future balance that is yet to be realized. Our species has brought on everlasting change.

 In our short time inhabiting this big round ball, human kind has accomplished unimaginable things. Some, like love and civility are beautiful and good. Some, however, like greed and wars have been more than even our Mother Earth can tolerate. Someday, maybe sooner than later, she will reach her breaking point. My artwork is my attempt to interpret this relationship through observation and abstraction. As an artist, abstraction allows me to distill a dream, idea, or object down to a more perfect visual exchange between artist and viewer.

My art is inspired by a landscape that may emerge in the time when our Mother Earth no longer has the means to give endlessly to her greedy children and must, as a last resort, reluctantly take back some of her precious gifts. Our world has been irrevocably scorched by the industries of men who have offered little or nothing as repayment for their debt. My work is optimistic of a bright future and a healthier relationship. A relationship with a balance and mutual longevity. The work celebrates the idea that people are strong, communities are resilient, and our world is sustainable. The work is a way of coming to terms with the notion that we, as a global community, will eventually learn to value the gifts that our Mother has given us.

The art that I create is fashioned from natural materials that have been gathered from the surface,
​as well as ore that has been mined from within the heart of this world that sustains us. We have been given these gifts and I strive to give back. With tools of metal, I shape wood and stone and we dance together. With wind and fire, hard metal becomes free and flows along. To a symphony of flames, hammers, and machines we dance. Together, we move in celebration as we shape each other. My heart is full as I dance with metal.